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A stock trader & gamblers journey to wealth

My name is James and I've been making a living online for the past 10 years now. I'm a stock trader, better, gambler, entrepreneur, blogger and a stock trading online teacher.
I make a comfortable living from the Internet through a number of means, but have focused primarily on the stock market, betting and gambling.
I am in my late 20s and reside in Las Vegas, Nevada, originally from the UK.

What is this website about?
I created this website to teach others about the stock exchange, stock markets, how to use the stock market to make money and also other ways in which you can make money,
I don't encourage you to bet or gamble, what I do is show and teach how easy it is to get information regarding the stocks and shares and to use this to gain knowledge, skills and experience, which of course comes with great wealth and a passive income, but we will come to that later on. Please note I do not claim to be a guru or expert, I will never try to sell or ask you to buy anything from me or this website, so your're safe. While I do share tips and try to help others make money online, this website is about my personal journey to wealth and helpful guides and tips for you to follow if you wish.

How much do you make?
I get asked this question a lot, the truth of the answer is due to the fast changing pace of the Internet and news around the world, which of course affects the stock market, my income is volatile. For example one month I could earn £1,600 then the next month I could earn £7,000, you have good months and bad months, I call anything less than £2,000 a bad month.
My stock trading and gambling income has allowed me to buy a new car at the age of 17, my own 4 bedroom detached house with my girlfriend at the age of 21 and I now playing with the idea of investing in small businesses.

I am not super rich, but I am not poor either. I live a comfortable life, I work for myself, I have no boss to impress and no clients and I work from my own home in the city that never sleeps.

What are your Hobbies and Interests Outside of the internet?
While I do love making money online I do love football and boxing, both great sports and if you follow it like me, you will know that good money can be made from choosing a knockout round or placing a bet on a winning football team, I will talk about this a bit more through-out the website.

Please remember that your capital is at risk.

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